ragnar roos

[rang'nar ro:s]

Spagetti con pollo, olive e acciughe

An attempt to get italian taste in 25 minutes flat.

This dish was created by accident when I had to invent something out of nothing but a few strands of spagetti and a few chicken thighs. The time frame was really tight too, so the recipy is shaved down to a bare minimum.

4 boned chicken thighs, cut into strips
1 large carrot, cut into batonnet (thick matchstick strips, about 0.5 cm wide)
6 sun dried tomatoes, cut into juliennes (thin matchstick strips, about 0.2 cm wide)
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
2 dl white wine, sauvignon blanc
1 dl light veal stock
25 green olives of decent quality
3 anchovies (the italian variety)
Salt and black pepper to taste
Olive oil for frying
400 g Spagetti

Heat a heavy sauté pan to medium heat.

Fry the chicken, carrot, tomatoes in olive oil until the chicken is lightly browned.

Turn down the heat somewhat and add the garlic. Continue frying for another couple of minutes. Make sure the garlic doesn't brown.

Add the anchovies, the olives, the wine and the stock. Put a lid on and boil over a low heat while preparing the spagetti.

Boil the spagetti in salted water until al dente. Add the spagetti to the sauce, stir and add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve directly from the sauce pan to get that rustic casual feeling.