ragnar roos

[rang'nar ro:s]

Crisp Waffles

Thin crisp waffles without eggs

In Sweden, waffles are very popular. It is common to serve crisp waffles as a light meal for lunch or dinner, or as a snack.
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Cabbage preserved using naturally occuring lactic acid bacteria

Preserving cabbage using nothing but salt and spices is immensely rewarding. The taste of this recipy is fresher and spicier than the industrial cabbage available.
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Pea Soup

Traditional Swedish Yellow Pea Soup.

This is real historic cooking! There are documented recipes for pea soup ranging back to the Swedish Middle Ages. When preparing the soup you can choose if you want to have a more elegant consommé styled dish with whole peas, or if you'd rather like a thick, stew style soup.

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A slow cook variation of the traditional oatmeal recipe.

If you like oats, you're going to love them prepared like this. Rather than trying to prepare them as fast as possible, this recipe tries to extract as much nutrition and taste as possible.

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Coco Carrots

An exotic and spicy health bomb.

The Coco fruit has been hyped for quite some time now. I figured it was time for me to find out what the fuzz was all about. Coco oil is about 90 percent saturated - therefore its cooking qualities are awesome. It's considered healthy too. It's really high in MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerids) - about 50 percent in high quality varieties.

Here I've tried to make use of the sweetness of carrots and onions, balancing it with sharp spiciness and the exotic flavor of coco.
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Crossover beets

A raw food side dish with sweet and earthy tones.

I just love beets. The sweet and earthy taste goes very well with Feta cheese and red meats. The color is awesome and can improve the presentation of any plate. Here's my take on the 1970s classic raw food sallad. In my youth this side dish usually contained cabbage, carrot, most often pumpkin and sometimes raisins. My version uses beet and spices often found in asian and north african kitchens.
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Fried black beans

A semi-veggie to veggie alternative to minced meat or shredded pork on your burritos

The taste of smoked bacon marries very well with the earthy flavors of black beans and onions. Use smoked bacon, most regular brands of bacon are made out of fresh pork with added antioxidation agents and smoke flavor.
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Taco spice mix

A tasty and healthy alternative to ready-made spice mixes

This is an alternative to the commercial ready-to-use Taco spice mixes. It doesn't contain any GMO contains less sugar and salt.
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Pancakes with yeast

This is a great recipy for pancakes. The yeast adds a lot of character to the flavor. I prefer to accompany them with mexican salsa and sour cream. They also make a delicious dessert when served with jam and whipped cream.
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Tomato and paprika bisque

A fresh and warming soup

I served this soup as an entré to a saturday dinner. It combines freshness, sweetness and a round finish. Everything I want in a soup.
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Oat muffin buns

Delicious breakfast bread buns

These buns are the absolute favorite of my wife.
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Kofta Korma

Swedish meatballs with Indian taste

This is my favorite recipies for meat balls. They're cooked in a rich tomato sauce with influences from India. Whenever I use tinned tomatos, I use whole tomates in juice. They taste a lot better than the pulp or strained variants.
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Spagetti con pollo, olive e acciughe

An attempt to get italian taste in 25 minutes flat

This dish was created by accident when I had to invent something out of nothing but a few strands of spagetti and a few chicken thighs. The time frame was really tight too, so the recipy is shaved down to a bare minimum.
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Beef variation with cabbage

This is a dish that is really easy to prepare. The challenge is to make an appetizing presentation given that the colour pallette is brown.
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Sourdough starter

The key to baking bread successfully

This is my way of creating a sustainable sourdough.
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Winter spice bread

A wort variation

I baked this bread when trying to find an alternative to the Swedish wort bread, traditionally served during the christmas hollidays. It's lighter and has a more pronounced spicy tone than the traditional wort.
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Swedish potato dumplings with salted pork

I thought of this variation of traditional Swedish potato and wheat dumplings when preparing Gnocci. It's a rich dish with tastes from medival Sweden.
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Buta no misoitame

Miso braised pork with cabbage

This is my take on what I understand is a traditional japanese dish. I've modified the recipy to comply with what's generally available in western (read Swedish) grocery stores.
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Ragnar Rye

A delightfully dark apple and sour dough limpa style bread.

This bread will put a smile on your face every time you have a slice. It's semi dark, heavy and fabolously sour sweet.
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